SIA is creating an “SIA Big Book” as an additional piece of literature.  It will be chock full of inspiring recovery stories and other helpful information.  There is no deadline on this process. We do not yet have a timeline for initial publication.

SIA’s Big Book & Steps Workbook Subcommittee is in full swing and we need your help. We’ve now created an outline for our Big Book, whose working title is Hope Heals. To complete this important project we need your help. Below you’ll find a list of potential topics to write about. We’re interested in hearing about your experience, strength, and hope as it relates to the issues below. To submit a piece of writing simply create it, and send it to us. Also, read the brief submission guidelines and fill out and send the attached copyright agreement form with your submission. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours In Grateful Service,
Becky. WSC SIA Big Book Subcommittee Chair
John, WSC SIA Literature Committee Chair


Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.


  • Your story of abuse: We’re seeking all types of stories (parent incest, sibling incest, authority figure incest [teacher, minister, boss, babysitter, etcetera], ritual abuse, covert & emotional incest.

  • How have you changed as a result of your recovery work?

  • Your experience with and working through the traits survivors develop to cope with the wounds of incest and sexual abuse: various isms [& how by working on your core incest issues you were able to attain successful outcomes], disassociation, inability to form lasting relationships, PTSD challenges, difficulties in managing day to day challenges (work, child-rearing, marriage, etc.), co-dependency, boundary setting issues, self-esteem issues, body relationship issues, etc.

  • How a relationship with a Higher Power of your own understanding assists with your recovery processes (challenges with finding a Higher Power of your own understanding, what your Higher Power looks like, the type of relationship with a Higher Power that assists with your recovery)

  • Your experience working the 12 Steps, how they’ve helped you & how you’ve worked them. Also, what are your experiences/suggestions in working the steps in workshop (and what elements are conducive to creating successful outcomes), with sponsors/sponsees, and with recovery partners? Also, how have the 12 Traditions, Slogans, literature, meetings, sponsorship etc. helped you in your recovery process?

  • What other tools in recovery have you used (e.g. medications, structured therapy, writing, journaling, artwork, bodywork, meditation, yoga etc.)?

  • Issues/dynamics with doing inner children and reparenting work. This includes how you work with your inner children, what the process is like, why it’s important to you/how it assists with your recovery.

  • What changes have you seen as a result of recovery work – at home, with children, at work, in relationships, with family of origin? How is your life moving forward?

  • What are your experiences/suggestions about healing from sexual abuse while coping with working with various mental health challenges (including dissociative identity disorder/multiplicity, PTSD, bi-polar, borderline personality, schizophrenia, depression, etc.)?

  • What do you want the newcomer to know?