Survivors of Incest Anonymous
for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse


Honoring The Child Within


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In Survivors of Incest Anonymous, we define incest very broadly as a
sexual encounter by a family member or extended family member that was
damaging to the child. Take what you like and leave the rest in this piece of
literature, but please read it with an open mind.

When you first start attending SIA, you may hear others talking about
getting in touch with their little child, while others speak of healing them as
if they were truly present. It may sound as if they are speaking another

You may remember your abuse as if you were an observer, as if it
happened to someone else. Some of us describe feeling like we were
watching a program on TV or reading a sad book; there are no feelings
connected with the memories. This anesthesia has left us void of feelings.
Some members have described feeling as though we were dead inside,
others have reinforced this idea, “I think my little girl is dead or in a coma.”
S/he is not.

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