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Survivors of Incest Anonymous
for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

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Zoom To Prosperity Consciousness!
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5:30 pm - 6:45 pm
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Pacific Standard Time (PST)
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Survivors with Money Disorders attend: Debtors Anonymous and/or Underearners Anonymous.
The DA and UA 12 Steps are designed to solve the problem of addiction to money, in one form or another.

Being an Incest Survivor is not an addiction. However, the defensive strategies we developed to survive the hostile childhood environment became an obsolete adult lifestyle that hardened into an addiction: that only a spiritual solution can resolve.

Each person, with their sponsor, defines their own money disorder. Some of the more common include:
compulsive debtor, compulsive under-earner, pauper, poverty addict, career anorexic, over-spender, deprivation addict, over-saver and numerous other variations on this theme.

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