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Survivors of Incest Anonymous
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SIA World Service Conference Annual Virtual Gathering

January 2025

What are SIA GSR and Committee Service Positions?

(excerpt from Working Draft of the SIA Service Manual, a task of the WSC Structure Committee)

Tradition Two: For our group purpose there is but one authority: a loving Higher Power, as this one may express her/himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

Structure of the SIA Fellowship

The foundation of the SIA structure is the membership. The basic unit is the SIA group, which may consist of any two or more individuals coming together for mutual help. The group’s operations are the responsibility of a set of group trusted servants, who are elected by the members.

Service positions rotate so that everyone has an opportunity to serve the group. All trusted servants are leaders who perform their duties in keeping with the Traditions and Concepts of Service of SIA, yet they have no authority over, but rather serve, the group.

The Group Service Representative- represents the listed group at the Intergroup and World Service Conference, as well as informing the group of what is happening in SIA Intergroups and worldwide. GSRs are entrusted with the “right of decision” to vote on behalf of the group according to their conscience and the good of SIA as a whole. (See the “12 Concepts of Service”). GSRs should have a foundation in SIA, consider the meeting they represent a homegroup, be grounded in the 12 Steps, and have an understanding of the 12 Traditions.

Every group listed in the SIA directory and that follows the 12 Traditions has a voice and a vote in SIA business through their Group Service Representative (GSR) represented at the SIA World Service Conference. A functioning World Service Conference ensures a healthy SIA fellowship.

Groups that are listed should select a representative and support their attendance to the SIAWSC Committee meetings and annual Gathering. The SIAWSC ensures that new literature is created and printed, group concerns are heard and handled, public outreach guidance is provided, and the sustainability of our fellowship as a whole.

Responsibilities of a Group Service Representative (GSR)

  1. Responsibilities to their group/intergroup
    1. Report information received from the Intergroup, WSC, and WSO at monthly/quarterly group business meetings.
    2. Communicate the group’s concerns to the WSC.
    3. Term of service: minimum 1 year recommended.

2. Responsibilities to the WSC

  • Attend the opening and closing plenary large group sessions.
  • Serve on at least 1 WSC committee and have a voice in crafting policy/motions relating to that committee’s needs (see committee descriptions below).
  • Vote at the WSC Gathering (if multiple attendees are present from a listed group only the attendee appointed as GSR by the group will have the vote).
  • Concept Three accepts that a delegated trusted servant representing a group can be entrusted to make decisions at the Intergroup and WSC level.
  1. There are two major lines of communication between the individual group and SIA as a whole. The first is the SIA World Service Conference (with its committees) and the SIA World Service Office (WSO), which acts as the service center for groups throughout the world.

What are the World Service Conference Committees?

Outreach Purpose and Duties:

  • To devise approaches and methods to reach as many adult victims of childhood sexual abuse as possible (connect with professionals who may come in contact with victims, ways to contact the media, and a variety of communications methods) being ever mindful of the SIA Traditions regarding anonymity.
  • To share these outreach methods with the membership, so that they may use them at the group level, through the SIA Newsletter and templates on the SIA website.
  • To submit quarterly reports to the Conference Standing Chair. Also, to prepare a report for the WSC and to contact the WSC Chairperson in a timely fashion regarding committee activities.

Access a general letter introducing SIA.

For more information or to join this committee email


Literature  Purpose and Duties:

The Literature Committee is responsible for all aspects of SIA Conference Approved Literature (CAL).

  • creating
  • editing
  • reviewing
  • updating

This committee and its sub-committees are responsible for all functions related to SIA Literature (except for a final review for legal purposes which is done by the SIA Board of Trustees). Through a regular article in the SIA Newsletter, Literature Committee activities are reported and members sought. A report will be sent to the WSC Standing Chair for the WSC.

For more information or to join this committee email

Group Concerns Purpose and Duties:

This arm of service involves a great many opportunities to get involved. Your leadership is needed!

  • To determine the most prevalent group concerns which may affect SIA as a whole and which transcend the group level of resolution through group conscience.
  • To discuss those concerns with committee members and develop proposals to bring before the WSC (such as, to survey the membership on the matter of concern).
  • To post best practices from groups (such as “Safety Guidelines”) on the SIA website.
  • To submit quarterly reports to the Conference Standing Chair.
  • To contact the WSC Chairperson in a timely fashion, regarding agenda items and proposals for the WSC.

For more information or to join this committee email

Conference Structure  Purpose and Duties:

  • To work with the SIA Board of Trustees to see that all WSC actions are in accordance with SIA Bylaws, SIA Traditions, SIA Board legal considerations, and the Concepts of Service.
  • To work with the Conference Planning Committee and the Conference Standing Chairs to see that the various Conference Committees are fully formed and prepared for the yearly WSC.
  • To prepare an SIA Service Manual which includes the SIA Concepts of Service and SIA Service Structure explanations and definitions.

For more information or to join this committee email

Conference Planning Purpose and Duties:

The Conference Planning Chairperson and Committee will plan the physical World Service Conference.

  • Secure a link for the Conference
  • Create an announcement and registration form for the WSC
  • Receive registrations and send back confirmations
  • Prepare handouts of Committee reports, proposals, the previous year’s minutes, and any other relevant documents
  • See that delegates from the SIA groups receive the documents in a timely fashion
  • Coordinate the Conference Agenda with the Conference Standing Chair

For more information or to join this committee email

Inactive Committees

Fiscal Self-Support Purpose and Duties:

  • To plan and execute self-supporting measures to financially sustain SIA in order to continue and expand its support of childhood sexual abuse survivors
    • ever mindful of SIA Tradition 7 regarding “compromising contributions” and SIA Concept 12 “taking care that it never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds and reserve be its prudent financial principle”.
  • To communicate and cooperate with the other corresponding service arms. To submit quarterly reports to the Conference Standing Chair.
  • To prepare a report for the WSC and to contact the WSC Chairperson in a timely fashion regarding committee activities.

For more information or to join this committee email

Technology Committee Purpose and Duties:
  • To support other WSC Committees in using technology.
  • To teach technical skills to other WSC Committee members so they can host virtual events in online meeting environments like zoom, use social media like twitter, and use Google documents to collaborate in subcommittee projects and with other committees.
  • To generate ideas that may be submitted to the SIA Technology Administration Via the Board of Trustees for the use of technology at SIA WSO.

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Step 12-Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other survivors and practice these principles in all our endeavors.

Your energy is needed and welcomed. Do you feel that SIA has helped you? Do you want to give back some of what you have received? Have you reached that grateful place in your recovery that calls you to service to your fellowship? Many of us in SIA by working our steps have come to understand that “in order to keep it, we have to give it away.” This principle is what keeps our fellowship vibrant. We continue to grow and heal through service. 

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