Survivors of Incest Anonymous
for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

You Are Not Alone

When you have experienced a traumatic event in your life, it is helpful to talk with other people who are facing similar challenges. We all learn and develop our self-confidence by interacting with others and observing how each of us responds to the challenge. The more similar these individuals and challenges are to ourselves and the ones we are facing, the greater the learning. For these reasons and many more, Survivors of Incest Anonymous emphasizes the importance of fellowship in recovery and we provide a variety of ways for you to connect and engage with the community. We encourage you to explore them all and hope that you find the best fit for you and your own journey. Whether you want to share your experience with other co-survivors in weekly group meetings, connect with a regional intergroup, or attend one of our empowering conferences, you will discover a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment.

Join Us in Fellowship

Benefits of Peer Support

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