Purpose and Duties (Standing Chairperson)
The WSC Conference Standing Chairperson will receive quarterly reports from the other committees, work with the Planning Chair and Committee to develop the Agenda for the WSC (A suggested agenda is available), and physically Chair the annual World Service Conference .

Purpose and Duties (Planning Chairperson)
The Conference Planning Chairperson and Committee will plan the physical World Service Conference. This Chair and Committee will plan the physical World Service Conference, secure a location for the Conference, create an announcement and registration form for the WSC, receive registrations and send back confirmations, prepare handouts of Committee reports, proposals, the previous year’s minutes, and any other relevant documents, see that delegates from the SIA groups receive the documents in a timely fashion, coordinate the Conference Agenda with the Conference Standing Chair. If the conference is at a physical location instead of a virtual meeting, the planning committee will have to consider making a schedule, and planning refreshments, etc. Scheduling of SIA meetings and workshops during the conference that do not conflict with the WSC meeting times is encouraged