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“Can You Hear Me Now?” Virtual Retreat Registration: October 15-18, 2020

October 15, 2020 - October 19, 2020


We invite you to register for the upcoming online Retreat organized by SIA New York Intergroup but intended as a gathering of all survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest around the globe.

The NY SIA Intergroup annual retreat is virtual this year. Newcomers who are survivors or strongly think they might be are welcome!  It is a unique opportunity to connect and build community over 3 days with people who share some of your experiences. Given multiple time zones, come for what you can.

Schedule in US Eastern Time
( for time zone conversion):
Thursday, October 15 evening: Optional opportunity to connect through a light activity to be determined
Friday, October 16 evening: Opening Circle with short shares, and newcomers meeting
Saturday, October 17: Full day of workshops and meetings, along with fun activities such as the talent show and games. Take breaks as you need them.
Sunday, October 18 morning/early afternoonMore workshops and opportunities for reflection; closing circle.
The fee of $ US Dollars (USD) 50 will bring you to any and all sessions and events you would like to attend across the four days – October 15 – 18, 2020. We are not offering partial day fees, however if $50 USD is a hardship for you in any way, here is a link to a form where you can apply for financial aid. We would love to see you there.
If you are a current SIA member and are interested in facilitating a workshop, please fill out this form..

One important area of planning for our organizing committee has been ensuring safety for a larger, global gathering held across the internet. To that end, you will see a question on the registration asking you to agree to the following SIANY October 2020 Retreat Safety Guidelines. The three guidelines relevant to this first retreat held on Zoom are #8, #10 and #11 below. Please read them all before proceeding as you will be asked to agree to them in order to register.
Guidelines for Safe Sharing at the SIANY October 2020 Retreat on Zoom
Guideline 1: No Perpetrators
Perpetrators are not allowed in SIA.
Guideline 2: Identifying
We keep the focus on our own recovery and take our own inventory, not other survivors’. We give feedback only when asked.
Guideline 3: ‘I’ Statements
We talk in ‘I’ statements. However, if you’re multiple or referring to you and your inner kids, feel free to share using the “We” voice, but please let the group know that your “We” applies to you and not everyone else.
Guideline 4: Non-SIA Literature and Triggering Language
We care for fellow Survivors by remembering to announce, and state “trigger warning” when we are going to read or quote non-SIA literature, share highly graphic abuse memories or use four-lettered language.
Guideline 5: Intense Emotions
We may safely express intense emotions—anyone may sob freely without interference, express anger, terror, shame or any other feeling through words, without risk of being asked to leave.
Guideline 6: No Discrimination
We do not express anger or criticism towards a group of people based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, politics, affiliation or disability.
Guideline 7: Communication Boundaries
We respect and honor our fellow Survivors by refraining from name calling, criticizing, gossip, talking about conflicts we may be having with other members of the meeting or violating communication boundaries when sharing at meetings. Likewise, we place other Survivors’ needs on equal footing with our own in the context of the meeting.
Guideline 8: Anonymity
As in all SIA meetings, anything shared should remain confidential. Please attend alone, in a location without others present. Do not record or take screenshots and disable audio streaming 
Smart Electronics, like Echo/Alexa, Google home, including on your phone.
Guideline 9: No Cross Talk
To make our time together most effective, do not interrupt while others speak or comment on shares unless asking permission first.
Guideline 10: Self Care & Safety-Plan
Being triggered is an inherent part of being a survivor. The retreat experience may be highly emotional at times. You are encouraged to reach out to your support network (example: 12 step fellows, therapist and other safe friends), if you need support during the retreat.

Guideline 11: Maintaining Courtesy at meetings
Please respect the sharing of others by keeping your device muted when not sharing. Avoid distracting movements/visual behaviors all can see. Do not use provocative screen saver photos. Please remember to act as if you are actually present with others in a room.
Guideline 12: Maintaining Relationship Boundaries
We maintain safety in SIA by refraining from engaging and initiating romantic relationships including using contact lists to ask someone for a romantic date.
So if you’d like to be part of this special retreat, please go to the registration link here and sign up. Also, please share this information and registration link ( in your meetings, and share this email with your fellow survivors or any newcomers who are willing to agree to our safety guidelines – even those who aren’t sure but strongly think they may have experienced some form of overt or covert childhood sexual abuse and/or incest. Incest is defined broadly in SIA.
We on the organizing committee hope to be “seeing” and “hearing” you in October.


October 15, 2020
October 19, 2020


NY United States


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